Mommy Blogger Wakes from First Trimester Coma

Though I would like to say that my brief hiatus from the blogosphere was due to me being fabulously industrious elsewhere, the truth is… I haven’t been industrious anywhere. In fact, the past two months, I have been fabulously fatigued, wildly uncreative… and basically sick as a dog. Yes, we have decided (God willing) to head down the baby road again…at the ripe “advanced maternal age” of 37 (I love that term… umm, not really). Therefore, I shall sheepishly admit that the title of today’s post could aptly read, “I haven’t been blogging… because I was in bed.”  Zzzz….
Interestingly enough, I used to think that I was pretty tough… navigating the Naval Academy, SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape) School, and caged water dunkers. I used to fly daily in the backseat of an F/A-18F… with student pilots executing 7.5 G maneuvers in every possible direction. Ironically, that never made me sick. However, one raw meat smell in the middle of my first trimester? Bluh! Ugh. What do I get from that story? … A) Men might like to think that they are macho doing their (presumably) manly jobs and manly things…however…B) the truth is… women endure a ridiculous amount of physical pain and discomfort with pregnancy and child rearing compared to their counterparts.  Now before I go too far, I must remember that my husband has been a dear Father and caretaker during this time. Nevertheless, I might be questioning the pain threshold of those who hold the XY chromosome, and I am still sticking to my guns with the theory that women do “draw the short straw”” in the grand scheme of reproduction. Of course, that is a modern day woman’s interpretation. I could imagine that my Grandmother would rather read that we are doing what we are meant to do, or perhaps we are “taking one for the team”. Hoo-ray!
Fortunately, the sheer joy of childbirth typically induces a euphoric phenomenon, known as “baby amnesia” or selective memory, for most women. Once that precious, little bundle of joy pops out… the nausea, constipation, and intense pain of pushing is forgotten. What a blessing! However, then you decide to do it again…and oh sweet goodness. The memories and reality of the first trimester come roaring back. Oh, how we forget.  And now, by the way, you are chasing a toddler, or two older children…or perhaps you are at work, trying to hide the fact that you feel perfectly and hideously awful…yet your household and family responsibilities have not changed. Are you exhausted yet? I am.
Yes, I think my advanced maternal wisdom has given me a new perspective on the amazing sacrifices that women make every day…and no offense to my Fighter friends, but that fresh perspective begins with a whole, new definition of TOUGH.  Now…bring on that baby-nesia!

One response to “Mommy Blogger Wakes from First Trimester Coma

  1. carrie Uberecken

    Awww, hang in there Mama. Yes, it is hard, but the reward is greater than ever imagined. Love you guys and thrilled to hear your news!
    Carrie Uberecken

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