Heating Up Pink Chicken Goop for the Kids Tonight?

Okay, so back in my Navy days, I used to hit the base McDonald’s regularly for chicken nuggets and fries, especially between flights. My colleagues and roommates also teased me about my love for pepperoni and bacon pizza (really, can you have too much salted pork on a pizza?).  Apparently, you can.  So please do as I say, and not as I do…because now that I have a child…I see the error of my ways. And let’s just say… I have changed my “processed food” tune. Yes, just one photo of this disgusting pink chicken snake is enough to… A) make my mouth water as I write this blog (why is it going into a cardboard box?)… and B) make me pledge to never feed my daughter chicken nuggets – evah!  Seriously, the pink goop above is mechanically separated poultry (MSP), used in fast food chicken and store brand chicken nuggets and patties. Here is the process: strip the chicken of its high revenue meat parts, then send the carcass through a high pressure sieve to recover leftover tendons, muscle fibers, and scraps, then introduce anhydrous ammonia for refrigeration and bacteria removal, then input chemical additives to satisfy consumer tastes for color, taste, and texture (to make it taste like “chicken” again), and finally, cut the artificial goop into fun shapes like dinosaurs and mouse ears, deep fry the dino-mickey chunks, and then put cartoon characters on the bag, so that kids will love them!  Made especially for our next generation. One final note, McDonald’s stopped using MSP for their nuggets in 2003, though the company’s flyer “A Full Serving of Nutrition Facts” lists 38 ingredients for the McNugget. My recommendation?  The next time your kids want chicken nuggets, make them with 3 ingredients: fresh chicken breast, bread crumbs, and an egg. No pink chicken snake required. Bon appetit!


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