Make a Toy List, Check It Twice (…and then email it to your family)

My family and I tested out some of Kim’s Finds toy picks this weekend for my daughter’s first birthday, and I must admit, all involved in the gift giving process were quite grateful for the specific suggestions. You see, my family does not live nearby, so I am their best source for all things Katie… her need for bath toys… her love of stacking boxes, nesting cups, and touch and feel cards… her developing crush on Elmo…and her affinity for fuzzy animal books. At first, I was worried that my Mom would think that I was being a total control freak with my Birthday list, however her reaction was quite the opposite. “Oh, thank you, I would much rather get her gifts that I know she’ll use”. So don’t feel like you need to crush all spontaneity this Christmas. However, if you think you might be opening 5 pink, frilly dresses for your daughter and 10 Matchbox cars for your son (when he already has 20 others), don’t be shy. Email a suggestion list to your loved ones, and if you are concerned about offending, plant a “family leak” to politely suggest things that your kids can really use. With unemployment high, home prices low, and family budgets tightening across the country…why not get the most value for everyone’s dollar? Then you can sit back, relax, not fret about impractical dresses and duplicate toys…and think about the real meaning of Christmas.

Kim’s Toy Picks can be found HERE.


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