Kim’s Finds Hits Facebook

Well, the word is finally out on Kim’s Finds, and it feels great to be supported by so many wonderful friends! In just 24 hours of being “announced on the interwebs”, I have reconnected with old friends and have received lots of helpful feedback on the website….make it interactive, add more topics, get a life…haha! I am also quite touched by how much our generation cares about Motherhood, while being exponentially more time starved than our foremothers. This inspires me to pursue this informational venture even more!  So the GOOD NEWS moving forward is….(drum roll)….I am the Webmaster for Kim’s Finds…therefore I can add requested material quickly and easily. The BAD NEWS is… I am the Webmaster for Kim’s Finds…and I have no idea what I am doing. So admittedly, the user interface is not the greatest (but thanks for your support anyhow).  More specifically, I am trying to figure out why in the world Apple did not integrate “anchors” into iWeb (the tabs that allow you to quickly jump to information on the same page)…and why the blog comments section does not work (even with a MobileMe subscription). Boo, hiss.  Does anyone know the number for Steve Jobs?  I don’t…but if he needs a good diaper creme or stroller, I can recommend one. He’ll just have to scroll down several screens of pink bulletin boards to find it.


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