I’m Finally on the Interwebs!!

So it’s Labor Day 2010, and my web site is finally LIVE. Woohoo!  Admittedly, I am completely over my head building this thing.  My husband keeps reminding me that a web designer could write a code in 20 seconds for what takes me two and a half hours. Nevertheless, my goal is steadfast…to provide reliable, succinct information for busy Moms (with pretty pictures, of course). Admittedly, though, I rely heavily on my brother, Chris, for moments when I get stuck. He is super helpful…. my trusty, familial tech support (he’s a programmer). yet he has a knack for keeping me humble. He used to call me “Miss Piggy” when I ate desserts as a kid….and now teases me about my computer deficiencies – a typical big brother. With that, we shared a belly laugh today when he saw that I had 3 service calls open with my web hosting service within the first hour of kimsfinds’ launch. ”You are X-company’s nightmare customer!”, he proclaimed (with an air of IT snobbery).  Though he may be right, however, I am still passionate about wanting to help others with the organization of my content. So here it is…I am not creating the wheel with Kim’s Finds. I simply want to help other Moms and Dads weed through all the junk on the web and perhaps save a little money… and a lot of time… along the way.


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