The iPad

My 2 and 1/2 month old daughter discovered TV during the 2010 Winter Olympics. I was burping her, oblivious to the fact that she was watching a US downhill skiing event just as intently as I was…OFF went the baby-crack, I mean TV. Nevertheless, technology, media, and even picture screens are not all bad.  In fact, my husband recently purchased an iPad, and we love it. Our daughter loves it, too. Why? Because it’s not just a TV with mindless screen flashes and endless commercials. The iPad is somewhat educational. Better yet, it’s interactive. Katie touches the screen, and her “Baby Flash Cards” come to life, flipping from a cat to a dog to a ball at her command. Her animals make authentic animal sounds (scary ones, actually)…and her fish game reminds her of an afternoon at the aquarium (pfish! pfish!).  Parents of children suffering with autism have already noticed that interaction with an iPad can be one way to get through the disease and into a world of customized communication with their child. Perhaps you have a son or daughter with a short attention span, or a grandchild who is more of a visual/tactile vs. aural learner?  Either way, the iPad is on track to be the fastest selling mobile device in history….for a very good reason.


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